Recover Data Remotely

We can recover data from HD, SSD, RAID, Database, Virtual Machines, and others.

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Our specialized server data recovery department can work 24×7.

We use the data confidentiality agreement (NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement) as the most professional way to guarantee description, seriousness and loyalty

Remotely Recover Data from Hard Drives, Storage Media, Databases, Servers, VMs, and More.

Recover Data Remotely

Remote Data Recovery is an option that provides a lot of agility when a data loss accident occurs.

Instead of disassembling all the equipment and preparing to send it to our labs, through an internet connection it is possible to access the customer’s disks immediately and perform the necessary procedures for data recovery, avoiding waste of time and money.

This entire process is done in a totally secure virtual environment. After recovery, the customer can check whether all files have been recovered, with the monitoring of one of our specialists.

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Remote Data Recovery Specialist | PhD Recovery

PhD Recovery is a company whose biggest differentiator is the development of technologies for data recovery. Through these technologies, we were able to add remote data recovery to our portfolio of services.

This has made it possible for our technicians to access computers anywhere in the world and perform services in the same way they perform services with disks sent to our labs.

For this to be possible, all the customer needs is an Internet connection with good speed and an available computer for the exclusive use of the data analysis and recovery process.

Remote Data Recovery

WorkFlow Remote Data Recovery

Envio de dados

1st Phase
Media Sent or Upload files


2nd Phase
Diagnosis Advanced


3rd Phase
Data Reconstruction and Recovery

recuperar- de-dados

4th Phase
Remote Approval and Data Rollback

Remote Data Recovery Solution Brief

All we need to start the remote data recovery process is for the customer to provide a high-speed internet connection and a computer with access to the devices that need to be analyzed.

All other settings for accessing and running the process will be provided by our technicians. For more information please contact our technical support.

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Devices that can be Remotely Recovered

Overall, we can say that it is possible to recover data from virtually any data storage device.

With the exception of severe cases like read head breakage, burned electronic circuits, and scratched disks, in theory any device can be subjected to a remote data recovery procedure.

From a simple HDD, modern SSD, or complex RAID systems, everything can be recovered remotely. Databases, Virtual Machines, and File Server systems are also on this list.

Have You Ever Received a Negative Diagnosis?

PhD Recovery is known as the ultimate solution in highly complex cases.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

Yes, over the years we have been able to implement in our systems the necessary technologies to do remote jobs.

Through low-level access techniques we have been able to perform data recovery with the same results that we get with disks in our labs.

An internet connection with good speed and an available computer for exclusive use in the process is required.

All settings and preparation of the work environment will be handled by our support department.

Hard disks, SSDs, Raid systems, Storage, NAS, DAS, SAN, Database, Virtual Machines, and other devices can be recovered remotely.

Hard drives with physical problems can also be recovered remotely. But it will depend on the level of the problem and the extent of the problem. Please contact our technical department for more details.

All that is needed is a high-speed Internet connection and a computer that you use exclusively for your work. The device or disks involved in the data loss need to be connected to this computer.

An evaluation can range from 4 to 12 hours. The time needed for remote data recovery can vary from a few hours to several days.

It will all depend on the volume of data to be recovered, the type of problem, and the complexity of the recovery procedure.

In cases of hard disks with extensive damage to the platter surface, or problems caused by drops or impacts. These cases are not recommended for remote recovery.