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We recover all databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Progress and Firebird).

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Our specialized server data recovery department can work 24×7.

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Recover Databases

Recuperação de Banco de Dados
Recover Database

Database recovery has become our specialty because of the high demand from companies that have lost their data following human failure, data corruption, and hardware problems.

We have developed our own data recovery technologies, this includes technologies capable of database recovery.

We have been dealing with data loss for almost 14 years, we know that data is critical to a company’s operation.

It is common cases where the company was sure they had an up-to-date backup, but when the data loss occurred they saw that the backups were neglected.

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PhD Recovery is known as the ultimate solution in highly complex cases.

Database Recovery Specialist Company - PhD Recovery

Since our founding in 2007, we have cultivated a deep desire to always be ahead in the development of database recovery technologies using DBMS (Database Management System) or even not so common partitions such as: DBFS (Oracle DataBase File System), HPFS (High Performance File System).

Not only database recovery, we recover RAID, Storages, HDs, Ransomware, Virtual Machines, Magnetic tapes and many other storage devices.

Our BDAs (Database Administrator) have the most advanced equipment on the market with the expertise of only a few.

We make the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) available to all our clients. If necessary, we are ready to analyze with our legal sector a confidentiality agreement made by your company.

Recuperação de Database
Recover Database

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Remote Approval and Data Rollback

Database Recovery Solution Brief

Database recovery requires a technology that can locate the data fragments and reconstruct the files.

We have developed a technology that can do this, we call it Tracer, and with numerous calculations it can locate these fragments and reconstruct them.

Even if the files have been corrupted after a database malfunction, have been improperly deleted or even encrypted by ransomware. We can rebuild them.

We have an entire department dedicated to database recovery, we know that data cannot be inaccessible for too long, it is the heart of the company, the fundamental part, so we work around the clock to get the recovery done as quickly as possible.

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Common Problems

"Database Operation Error".

Accidental deletion is recurrent in databases; no system can predict or prevent human error.

"The Partitions Have Been Corrupted"

With Storage or Server error the database partitions can become corrupted.

"The Server was Restarted Suddenly"

Sudden shutdown of the storage device can affect the data. Always keep them connected to a NoBreak.

"There was a Hadware Problem"

HDDs are the most widely used for data storage, but because they work mechanically, data can be lost due to problems with the magnetic disk.

"I've been Attacked by Ransomware"

There is a shadow over every company, the Ransomware attack. There are countless cases of companies that have failed to recover after a hacker invasion.

Recovering Databases? 6 Golden Tips


Backups – Keeping a backup routine is essential for any company, the problem is that it is not always done, and when it is done, it is not the right way. The ideal Backup is in the 3x2x1 format (3 copies, 2 online copies, 1 offline copy).


Firewall – Enterprises will always be targets for cybercriminals. Ransomware is the most used virus today, it only needs one open port to infect the entire database, and encrypt it completely. Keep your Firewall always active and up-to-date.


Choose a good architecture to store your database – There are numerous corporate storage devices on the market (Servers, Storages) that can be implemented in a RAID system, which brings even more security and performance to your data.


Remote Recovery – Look for companies that are able to recover databases remotely, this dramatically decreases service time


Confidentiality agreement – Data is a fundamental part of a company’s strategy, and keeping it completely confidential is essential. Therefore, it is important to hire a company that is willing to commit so that this data is not disclosed in any way.


Choose a company that specializes in database recovery – Don’t trust your data to just any company, check the company’s track record and see their success stories.

Why Choose PhD Recovery for Database Recovery?

PhD Recovery has been developing unique technologies for data recovery in databases for over 13 years, working tirelessly so that the evolution of our technologies is constant.

We work within the standards of LGPD all your data will be secured by contract so that there is transparency and trust on both sides, we use the contract NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

Rely on our experts to recover your database, we provide in our portfolio of services the remote recovery, which speeds up the recovery process.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

Recovery is done with a thorough analysis of the disk where the data is stored, even if the data is fragmented into thousands of pieces, we can locate it, repair it, and rebuild it.

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It is making data available that was inaccessible for some reason, which can be corruption, deletion, physical data to hardware, encryption by Ransomware, and many others. We at PhD Recovery work tirelessly to recover data in all these scenarios.

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