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The result is available within 24 working hours, after delivery of the HD, free of charge and without obligation.

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Recover Damaged, Corrupted, Formatted or Deleted Files

Recuperação de Dados HD
Damaged Hard Drive Recovery

We know that data loss is a chaotic scenario for any person or business, we at PhD Recovery can help you recover HD.

Whether you have accidentally deleted data, or after a power failure the hard drive was damaged or suddenly the hard drive stopped working. In all these scenarios and many more, PhD Recovery has been successful at recovering hard drives.

Our team consists of specialists who are able to recover hard drives using exclusive technologies. Please contact us for a free initial diagnosis and to assess the possibilities of HD recovery.

We work with data recovery in all categories, models and brands of hard drives. Since the operation of a desktop hard drive differs little from that of an external hard drive or notebook, we conclude that all three categories suffer from the same common problems.

We have strategic alliances with the world’s largest hard disk vendors, which enables us to keep our data recovery technologies at the same level as the most advanced HDD technologies.

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Specialist in HD Recovery - PhD Recovery

At PhD Recovery we specialize in recovering Desktop, Notebook and External hard drives. We have the technology and a technical department capable of performing initial diagnostics on a hard drive and delivering the result within 24 business hours.

If you have received a negative diagnosis from other data recovery companies, let us analyze your hard drive. PhD Recovery has been able to reverse several hard drive data loss scenarios that were deemed impossible by the competition.

We have been in the market since 2007, committed to developing new technologies for HD recovery, with strategic alliances with major manufacturers of data storage devices.

Recuperação de HD Danificado
Recover Burned HD

WorkFlow HD Recovery


Send Media or Upload Files



Diagnosis Advanced



Reconstruction and
Data Recovery



Remote Approval and Data Rollback

HD Recovery Solution Brief

We count on a team of specialists who have developed state-of-the-art software that allows us to make an initial diagnosis within 24 working hours; this initial diagnosis is totally free and without commitment.

We know how vital agility is in a data recovery process, so this first diagnosis shows us the extent of the data loss and which way to go for HD recovery.

In emergency cases we can recover hard drives within 48 hours.

In addition to state-of-the-art software, we also have a Class 100 Clean Room to open the hard drives with complete safety. Opening a hard drive in an inappropriate place can cause the particles contained in the air to affect the magnetic disk, making data recovery impossible.

Start diagnosing your hard drive right now, we have a technical team available 24×7 to assist you. Count on PhD Recovery to recover your hard drive quickly and safely.

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Our HD Recovery Services

Data Recovery from HDs with Logical Problems

Formatting, deleting files or systems, and partition corruption and blue screen.

Data Recovery from HDDs with Physical Problems

Drop, impact, life span, power failure, others.

Data Recovery on Hard Drives with Circuit Problems

Power failure or short, life span.

Data Recovery on HDDs with Systemic Problems

Software and Drivers.

Have You Ever Received a Negative Diagnosis?

PhD Recovery is known as the ultimate solution in highly complex cases.

Main Causes of HD Data Loss

"Delete Files from My Hard Drive"

Permanent deletion can be done intentionally or accidentally, causing data loss.

"My Hard Drive Stopped Working After Power Failure".

Power failure causes corruption of files and in some cases burning of the device.

"Data Overlapped on My Hard Drive".

In this case the data to be recovered is overwritten by other information that has been written to the media.

"I formatted the HD and lost the data"

Accidental formatting is very common with HD users, when they plug in the media the operating system recommends formatting.

"My Hard Drive Was Damaged After Being Dropped or Impacted".

Data storage devices are extremely sensitive and a slight drop can cause damage resulting in data loss.

"My hard drive stopped working out of nowhere".

A hard disk, being a mechanical device, is subject to wear and tear of its parts over the years or through misuse.

6 Gold Tips to Save Money on Hard Drive Recovery


Avoid any drops or impacts. This way you can lose or damage once and for all the files and information on your device;


Don’t try to open your hard drive to try to clean it or disassemble it with the intention of recovering something damaged, hand it over to a professional who specializes in hard drive recovery;


If the device has become wet and oxidized, by accident or even because of a flood or a natural disaster, hand it over as soon as possible to a specialized company to repair the damaged components;


After accidentally doing an unnecessary formatting, never save or save anything over the stored files that have been formatted, this can hinder the process of recovering and restoring the files;


Be quick to get in touch to start the recovery process, after an accident or a disaster, because delay and time become an enemy and the chances of having a successful recovery are greatly diminished.


In order for you to save money, avoid doing evaluations with companies that charge to do them, always consider companies that do this kind of diagnosis for free.

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HD Data Recovery FAQs

If your question is not listed below, please contact one of our specialists, we are always online.

Data Recovery on a hard drive goes through an evaluation process, where a diagnosis is made to identify which problem affected the device. If it was a logical, mechanical, systemic, physical, circuitry, or firmware problem.

After the hard disk problems are identified, a commercial proposal will be sent to the customer, containing the evaluation results, data recovery possibilities, values, and deadlines.

Starting the recovery stage, after the commercial proposal is approved, the customer has total visibility of the entire process through constant feedbacks from our commercial team.

If the HD data recovery is successful, the customer goes through the entire homologation process, and really has the opportunity to validate if all the data was recovered.

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Follow this step by step guide with some tips on what you should and should not do when your hard drive stops working:

Do not use online programs that promise to recover files; these programs handled without a data recovery technician, can write the data they find on top of other data on the disk, this overlap corrupts the files and ends the chances of recovery.
Do not open the hard drive if you are not a data recovery technician, as any improper movement can make it impossible to access the lost data once and for all;
Contact a data recovery professional as soon as possible to diagnose your hard drive for free;
After you contact a PhD recovery professional, we will discuss what needs to be done, or what procedures are best for recovering your data.
For more information, contact us!

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There are few cases when in PhD Recovery it is not possible to recover data from the hard drive.

The main one is data overwriting. In other words, if the sector where the file was saved is overwritten by other information, the data cannot be recovered. If this is the case, please contact PhD Recovery.

Another very common case is corrupted files. When a file is saved on a hard drive, it is fragmented in different places on the disk, so when it gets corrupted, or whatever part of the hard drive has suffered some kind of damage, every time you try to access it, the information will not open.

Even if you are in the middle of a complex hard drive data loss situation, PhD Recovery welcomes the challenge of analyzing your hard drive for free and working to reverse the data loss.

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The Windows Recycle Bin is a feature that works like an archive. As soon as a file is deleted, it is moved to the Recycle Bin, which has a capacity predetermined by the operating system.

Usually the space reserved for the Recycle Bin is 5% of the partition’s storage capacity (partition is a division of the space on a HARD DISK).

If the dead file (Recycle Bin) fills up and has no more space, the files that have been in it the longest will be discarded to make room for newer files.

At this point, when the older files are released from the Recycle Bin, Windows removes their addresses from the partition tables (FAT or NTFS). This way the area where these files were stored becomes available for use. In other words, there is no longer any protection for them.

As long as the area where the files were stored is not overwritten or written over by other information it is still possible to recover the files. But if any other information overwrites the disk sectors where the files were, recovery is almost impossible.

Simply turning on the computer and downloading e-mails or viewing any web page writes data to disk. This data can be written over exactly the files that were deleted.

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When your hard drive has been formatted, or by accident has been formatted, and then data has been written to the same location, the outcome of the data recovery process is uncertain. Several situations occur in this period.

The most common ones are:

Data is successfully recovered. This means that the locations where data and the list of file names were recorded are not overwritten in any way after formatting;
Files are recovered but not working, means that the file name list was recovered but the location where the files were stored was overwritten or corrupted;
Files are not recovered, i.e. both the file name list and the content of the files have been overwritten;
Files are recovered, but names and folders are lost, although the file name list has been overwritten, it is possible to recover the files directly to disk at a low level;
The files are recovered, but they work partially. That is, it means that part of the data has been overwritten and other parts have not.
Note: For the above results it has been taken into account that the procedures have been performed by engineers and technicians who are specialists in the field of data recovery.

At PhD Recovery, we have reported several cases where it was considered impossible to recover data from supposed specialists from third-party companies and competitors, but it was still possible to recover and restore the data.

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The life of a HD can vary between 3 to 4 years, may pass it (but for devices that were manufactured in the past, with more resistant parts, where it happened that the HDs are more resistant and durable), but after this period the device is already prone to present various types of problems, whether logical, mechanical or physical problems.

The useful life of the External Hard Drive is a little different, it can vary between 43,000 to 52,000 hours, or 5 to 6 years, where older devices can exceed this standard, because they are more resistant. Be aware that after this period the device is already prone to problems, whether logical, mechanical, or physical problems.

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Blue Screen is a very common and often overlooked problem with computers, as most of the time the computer continues to function normally after being restarted.

What no one knows is that the hard drive may be experiencing some kind of problem, and the way the computer notifies you is by displaying a blue screen.

When your computer starts displaying a blue screen at start up, it is recommended that you connect to a data recovery company for a free diagnostic so that you have total visibility of your hard drive before it crashes.

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When the disk starts to make noise, it is likely to be a physical problem, because the mechanisms are worn out, or even because of a fall or impact.

The noise is the HD’s way of notifying that there is something wrong, be very careful because it can stop at any time and cause data loss. Everything can be lost because of a millimeter that the head has not been able to move, or the disk cannot rotate correctly.

When you notice a noise on the disk, no matter how low it is, unplug the hard drive and keep it unplugged until a data recovery specialist makes a diagnosis, and solves the defect in the hard drive.

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