Data Recovery on Virtual Machines

We specialize in VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, XenServer and others.

Remote Recovery

Data recovery on Virtual Machines can be done remotely, talk to our experts and find out the conditions.

We use the data confidentiality agreement (NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement) as the most professional way to guarantee description, seriousness and loyalty

Recover Virtual Machines

Recuperar Máquinas Virtuais
Recover Virtual Machines

Data loss in virtualized environments is something unexpected that can jeopardize the entire operation of a company, which is why we have created unique solutions to recover virtual machines.

Data loss can occur because, even though the virtual machine does not have its own hardware, it uses the hard disk of the parent machine or is connected to a server.

As much as virtual environments are completely separated by an operating system from where they are operated and stored, this does not make VMs immune to problems at the physical hardware level.

To reverse the scenario of data loss in virtualized environments, the ideal is that the professional in question is specialized in other work fronts besides software, being able to migrate between software and data storage hardware, because 50% of the customers we serve at PhD Recovery, suffered from crashes in virtualized environments due to physical problems in the HDs or Servers.

The other 50% are limited to corrupted virtual machine files, snapshot problems, ransomware attacks and lost data within the virtualized environment.

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Virtual Machine Recovery Specialist Company - PhD Recovery

We have developed our own data recovery technology, which puts us ahead of the competition. We specialize in VHD, VHDX archives and VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, XenServer and other virtualization technology.

For over 13 years we have invested heavily in developing software that can probe and solve the problems that cause data loss on virtual machines.

We have a department dedicated to data recovery in Servers, RAID, Databases, Storages and other data storage devices and systems.

Virtual Machine Data Recovery

WorkFlow VM Recovery


1st Phase
Media Sent or Upload files


2nd Phase
Diagnosis Advanced


3rd Phase
Data Reconstruction and Recovery


4th Phase
Remote Approval and Data Rollback

Virtual Machine Recovery Solution Brief

We can perform the initial diagnosis in normal mode within 24 working hours, in cases of urgency in data recovery, talk to a specialist and trigger the service in emergency mode.

And, if available, we can perform the data recovery remotely. Being approved the commercial proposal, after the presentation of the results obtained in the diagnosis, we start the VM data recovery and at this stage the customer receives constant feedback on the project’s evolution, according to the intervals agreed with the specialist responsible for the service. Being made the data recovery we will schedule with the client a double-check, so that remotely the client can access our totally secure and confidential environment to assess whether all data was really recovered.

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Common Problems

"There was Error During Operations"

Operational failures are usually caused by human error.

"My Files Have Been Encrypted by Ransomware"

Like any device that is connected to the Internet, virtual machines can also suffer from ransomware attacks, thus having their data hacked and hijacked.

"The Hardware where my VM is stored stopped working".

Even though it is a virtual machine it needs hardware to work, and this hardware can have physical problems, affecting the stored data of the virtual machine.

"My Files Were Corrupted"

File corruption is very rare to happen on virtual machines, but it is not impossible. Usually the corruption happens with a hardware failure, such as a fluctuation in electricity.

"Accidentally Delete Files"

This is the most common form of data loss; one ends up deleting the file because one thinks that the information is stored somewhere else or that the backup is up to date. And, unfortunately, it was not.

Have you received a Negative Diagnosis?

PhD Recovery is known as the ultimate solution in highly complex cases.

Recovering Virtual Machines? 6 Golden Tips


Do not use the virtual machine after a data loss, because if new files are registered over the lost files, they will be overwritten. In this case recovery will not be possible.


Choose a company that has success stories in virtual machine recovery, many companies may say they are the best in data recovery, that they are “Number 1”, which is pure marketing. We invite you to look for reports from these companies, not only the reports that they post on their own website, but look in online complaint channels. Few companies pass the social proof.


In cases of urgency, try to activate the remote recovery mode, this type of recovery greatly speeds up the service time, since the equipment does not need to be moved to the specialized data recovery company.


Always keep your antivirus up to date, to prevent ransomware invasions, the first defense is your antivirus, so always keep it up to date.


Always keep the backup up to date, create constant backup routines, and remember that the backup is always the “third copy” of the data. We recommend always having an offline copy, so in case of a ransomware attack this data is safe.


Choose a company that has a confidentiality agreement in place; when it comes to the corporate world, confidentiality of internal information is key. Therefore, it is necessary that the data recovery company commits to keeping the recovered data completely confidential.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

The virtual machine is ideal for reducing the physical space used, and the resources invested. You will not need to invest in several different machines to have several operating systems.

The virtual machine enables you to use the best part of each system in a single machine.