Data Recovery from Storages

We have developed technologies that are capable of recovering data on storage of all types and with any RAID system.

Service in Emergency mode

Our specialized server data recovery department can work 24×7.

We use the data confidentiality agreement (NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement) as the most professional way to guarantee description, seriousness and loyalty

Recover NAS, DAS or SAN Storage

Recuperar Dados em Storage
Storage Recovery

Storage recovery is a delicate process that requires work that only an expert can do.

Any error in the recovery process can damage the files, and can close all the ports making data recovery impossible.

Our specialists are highly-skilled and have the most advanced technologies, so they can recover data no matter what RAID level the storage is using.

We can recover storage at any RAID level.

Rely on PhD Recovery’s expertise to recover storage.

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Storage Recovery Specialist Company - PhD Recovery

Since 2007, we have been working hard to develop technologies that can recover NAS, DAS, or SAN storage using HDD or SSD.

Our specialists are highly qualified for this service, and we have the most advanced equipment for data recovery. We have a Class 100 Clean Room at our disposal, which allows us to open the device with complete security and without any collateral damage to the device.

We develop customized solutions for each client. We understand how disastrous data loss can be, so we are always available.

We have developed the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with all our customers. All recovered data is highly confidential, and only the client will have access to it after storage recovery.

WorkFlow Ransomware Recovery


Sending Media or Uploading Files


2nd Phase
Diagnosis Advanced


3rd Phase
Data Reconstruction and Recovery


4th Phase
Remote Approval and Data Rollback

Storage Recovery Solution Brief

After contacting and sending the device, we start the advanced diagnosis, which is done within 24 working hours; in emergency mode, this diagnosis can be done within 4h 24×7.

This diagnosis allows us to know the reason for the data loss, the damage it suffered, and the extent of the data loss.

After the diagnosis, we contact the client with a commercial proposal, and if the proposal is accepted, we immediately start the process to recover the Storage.

We make constant feedbacks, the client decides the time for these feedbacks, at the end of each process the client is signaled to be aware of each step of the process.

After recovering the data from the Storage, we do what we call “Double-check”, the customer remotely accesses our servers, with the accompaniment of our specialist, to check the recovered data, all of this done in a totally safe place.

In cases where it is not possible to send the device, we can recover the data remotely.

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Our Services for Storage Recovery

Logic Problems

Our experts can identify the root cause of the problem that caused the unavailability of data access.

Physical Problems

We have a laboratory equipped with a Class 100 Clean Room (ISO Class 5), which provides the best treatment that a disk can receive in a moment of instability generated by physical problems

Software Problems

We currently have an internal development team, with the aim of overcoming several barriers imposed by traditional data recovery software, thus increasing the result in projects that require an innovative and unique solution.

Have You Ever Received a Negative Diagnosis?

PhD Recovery is known as the ultimate solution in highly complex cases.

Common Problems Causing Data Loss on Storages

"Accidentally Delete Files"

Accidental deletion is recurrent in Storages, not only deletion but corruption of the files.

"Logical Drives Were Accidentally Formatted"

Formatting can take place, although there are a few steps to complete formatting.

"The Disks Started Failing"

After advanced usage time the hard disk can start to fail.

"I've been Attacked by Ransomware"

A ransomware attack can encrypt all files on the Storage.

"There was a Configuration Error in the Storage"

If a configuration error occurs, the systems may not work correctly.

"RAID Controller is Failing".

The controller is responsible for making the disks work in harmony should there be a failure in the controller, the data will be lost.

Recover Storage? 6 Golden Tips


Backup – A constant backup routine should be implemented in every company that depends on its data for its full operation. We recommend doing backups in the 3x2x1 model (three copies, two copies online and one copy offline).


Redundancy disk – These disks are automatic backups made by the RAID system implemented in the Storage. See which RAID level best fits your company’s needs.


Firewall – Enterprise data is always the most attacked target by Ransomware, having a good active Firewall is essential to protect yourself from any kind of Ransomware attack.


Use the right hard drive – A server hard drive has the same functionality as a normal desktop hard drive, but there is a big difference between them. The server hard drive is designed to support the intense work of a Data Center that can run 24x7x365 non-stop, the desktop hard drive is designed to support working only 8 hours a day.


Never open the hard disk – The hard disk cannot be opened outside a Class 100 Clean Room, the magnetic disk where the data is stored is extremely sensitive, particles in the air affect the disk and may make data recovery impossible.


Company specialized in recovering storage – In case of data loss, look for a company that really specializes in recovering storage, a company that has confirmed cases of success, that has a wide range of satisfied clients.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

The amount depends on the severity of the data loss and which Storage is used. There are several factors that change the final value of the data recovery.

We fully understand that data recovery needs to be done as quickly as possible. Therefore, we have created a department focused on recovering Storages, RAIDs, and Servers. This department works around the clock with the best equipment.

Emergency mode recovery lasts an average of 36 hours, and in some cases we recover in less than 12 hours. There are numerous factors that directly affect this time.

In virtually all data loss scenarios it is possible to recover remotely, only in some cases of physical damage, depending on the extent of the damage, it will not be possible.

An internet connection with good speed and an available computer for exclusive use in the process is required.

All settings and preparation of the work environment will be done by our support department.

No, but if you want to increase the performance and security of your Storage it is recommended that you implement a RAID system.

Although the two can work together through a RAID system, they have subtle differences.

The Storage was developed exclusively for data storage, while the server besides storing the data can also process it, and it is even possible to install Windows.

The fault tolerance of the storage is much higher than the fault tolerance of the server.