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About Us

PhD Recovery is a German company, based in Hamburg, with branches in Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil. We work to meet the demand for data recovery worldwide.

Since 2007, PhD Recovery has gained prominence and relevance through each case it solves, and new clients often come to us through referrals from other clients who have already experienced excellent service.

We contribute to the data recovery market by producing new solutions, hardware and software in our labs, and with our 13 years of know-how, we have had the opportunity to test our solutions in real cases of data loss.

Through strategic partnerships with the largest and most relevant technology companies around the world, it is possible to solve cases that, according to the evaluations of our national competitors, there are no ways to recover the data.

WorkFlow Recovery


1st Phase
Media Sent or Upload files


2nd Phase
Diagnosis Advanced


3rd Phase
Data Reconstruction and Recovery


4th Phase
Remote Approval and Data Rollback

6 Golden Tips for Choosing a Data Recovery Company


For data recovery to be successful, it is essential that the process is done as fast as possible and with maximum security. Negotiate with a company that has a good turnaround time and make sure to sign a non disclosure agreement.


Deal with a company of proven know-how, see Google My Business reviews, video testimonials, but don’t stop there, check the NIF card to validate the real time on the market.


It is paramount that the company has a Class 100 Clean Room Lab, so that your HD can be handled safely, away from dust particles, which can scratch the HD disk.


Consider a company that is reputable and upstanding, that gives a free initial diagnosis, and does not demand your money before diagnosing data recovery as possible.


Ask for an attestation of technical capability completed by one of the data recovery company’s clients, if possible call the client to confirm authenticity and gather feedback on how their experience was.


Check the data recovery company’s track record on consumer support channels such as Reclame Aqui, Perhaps there is a point that was missed in your research.

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