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We are specialists in recovering files on the most diverse partitions of Microsoft Windows.

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Recover Files (File Server)

File Server Data Recovery

Recovering files (File Server) is a job that needs to be done by a highly capable company that has the most advanced data recovery technologies.

There is an old saying that there are 2 types of computer users. The first user is the one who has lost data at some point in his life. The second user is the one who, if he hasn’t lost yet, will still lose.

If databases are the backbone of any company, files or file servers are an integral part of all other structures that are part of it, not to mention the countless situations in which it is necessary to join files and databases. data to create an application.

Aware of this scenario and the importance that this data has for companies, PhD Recovery works incessantly in the creation and maintenance of technologies aimed at recovering, reconstructing and repairing files of the most varied types and formats.

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File Server Recovery Specialist | PhD Recovery

PhD Recovery is a company specialized in recovering files (File Server) in the most diverse types of partitions of Microsoft Windows (NTFS, exFat, ReFS), Linux (Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, XFS, ReiserFS, UFS), Apple (HFS, APFS) and VMware (VMFS).

These partitions can be recorded on the most diverse types of Raid Systems, Storages, NAS, DAS or SAN. We also have solutions to recover data on virtual machines (VHD, VHDx and VMDK) with or without DEDUP (Data Deduplication).

Our solutions and technologies cover file deletion cases, partition formatting, partition deletion, Luns deletion, Raid and Storage system access issues.

Even if you have had a negative diagnosis or suffered a cyber attack, we are interested in analyzing your case.

Server File Recovery

Solution Brief to Recover File Server

PhD Recovery through international partnerships and a proprietary technology development center stays ahead of the market having the most advanced in the area of ​​data recovery for file recovery.

We have a highly specialized technical team and a group of partners to recover files in the most diverse situations of data loss.

Regardless of the reason for your data loss, we are at your disposal to help with the recovery process.

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Common Problems

Below are the main problems we’ve received to recover data:

Quando percebemos que excluímos arquivos que não poderiam ser excluídos, levamos um grande susto. Porém se o sistema operacional possui recursos de contingência para estes casos é relativamente simples resolver o problema. Basta acionar estes recursos (como a lixeira do Windows) para recuperar os arquivos que foram apagados. O problema começa quando os arquivos excluídos são maiores que a quantidade de suportada pela lixeira (normalmente 5% da capacidade de armazenamento do disco) ou são excluídos com a tecla Shift+Delete (os arquivos excluídos não vão para a lixeira). Se o usuário precisar dos dados excluídos nestas situações o mesmo irá precisar de ajuda profissional para recuperar os dados.

Formatting partitions is a procedure that occurs in scenarios of environment changes and migrations. Normally, before carrying out any maintenance procedure, changes or exchange of equipment, everything that exists on the machines is backed up. The problem is to discover after all the procedures have been carried out that something was left out of the backup. At this point, the rush and pressure begins because of the uncopied information. Even in a scenario of apparent data overlap or information overwrite, we can help the customer by making available what is most modern in the world to bring the data back.

A partition or LUN is a set of blocks or sectors (a subdivision) in a data storage device. Deleting a partition or LUN can do a lot of damage with lost files. If a file deletion can cause too many problems, imagine deleting the location where the files are stored at once. But rest assured, if this accident happened in your company, our 24/7 support can help resolve the issue.

The technology surrounding a Raid system is quite complex. When deleting an array the best thing to do is not write anything to the Raid disks at all. This could make the work of our engineers easier. See more details about this on our Raid data recovery page.

A few years after the creation of hard drives, computer engineers realized that while it was a historic achievement, something more needed to be done to add security, performance and scalability to data processing. For this to become a reality, a great effort was put into the creation of complex technologies. And let’s face it, the Raid system managed to implement all of this. However, when a problem occurs, it is also necessary to make a great effort to understand how it works and recover the data stored in these systems. See more details about this on our Raid data recovery page.

If there’s one thing that has caused IT managers major concerns, it’s cyber attacks. These attacks are currently the most dangerous enemy of companies around the world. If size mattered, big companies like JBS, Facebook and Sony would not have suffered cyber attacks. In a ransomware attack all files are inaccessible. PhD Recovery has unique technologies that can help in solving problems caused by a ransomware attack. See more information about cyber attacks on our data recovery in cases of ransomware attacks page.

Recover File Server? 7 Golden Tips


Regularly back up all your important company files.


Whenever you make a backup, make a checkup to make sure that the backup routines and the backup itself are working correctly and with all the necessary files.


Backups must be made and kept off the computer and also off the computer network. If possible, move the backup away from the physical location where the computers are located. The cloud is a very interesting place for this these days.


Do not install any programs on the same partition where file loss occurred.


Having a good antivirus package and an active security system can help protect your data.


If you are going to use a program with the purpose of trying to recover your files, never install them on the same partition where the data was stored.


To try to make any attempt to recover deleted or lost files on a disk, the best thing to do is to clone the source disk. This way if anything goes wrong, there will still be an intact copy of the old partition where the data was lost.

Our Services to Recover File Server

Lost Data Recovery

If you have suffered any loss of data in your files, please contact one of our experts. We will certainly be able to guide and guide the customer to the best path towards recovering their information.

Data Recovery from Cyber Attacks

Our services can recover data in the most complicated situations. From a simple loss by deletion to even cyber attacks where all data was encrypted and completely inaccessible.

Have you Received a Negative Diagnosis?

PhD Recovery is known as the ultimate solution in highly complex cases.

FAQ | Common questions

Technical questions

Yes. When a user deletes information with the key combination Shift+Del, the information will be deleted faster because it will not be sent to the Recycle Bin. While there is the advantage of speed, there is the disadvantage of not having the option to take the files back if you find that you have a file that could not be deleted.

Using low level access techniques it is possible to perform a thorough analysis on the device where the data loss occurred and separate the unallocated blocks from the partition and reconstruct the lost files from these blocks. For this to be possible it is recommended that the use of the partition or allocation unit is stopped immediately.

Installation of programs or an attempt to recover the files by copying them back to the same partition will definitely compromise data recovery.

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Yes, in order to do so, it is necessary to immediately stop using the computer or partition. Because using the computer or partition after deleting the files will overwrite the deleted files making it impossible to recover the data.

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To answer this question we need to analyse the customer environment and what files need to be recovered. Most of the time it will always be possible to do something.

Fortunately we have a very large number of customers who have been able to recover data and restore the company to normal business. If this is your case recover encrypted files now, click here.

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Only after a thorough analysis of the partition where the data is stored can this question be answered. Only specialists with experience in the field can perform an analysis to determine what has happened and whether anything can still be done.

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